PG Power Inverter Charger

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Min. Order:100 pc
Keywords:Inverter charger , Power Inverter , UPS
Origin:Made In China

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Company NameNanjing Conpo Power Tech. Co., Ltd
Country/Region:Jiang Su - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Last Online:14 Nov, 2018
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Product Description

  1. Features:

    • PG series inverter

    • Smallest and lightest in its class, this high frequency and high efficiency UPS provides complete protection for a workstation and its peripherals purchase, small-office-home-office (SOHO) equipments, NT workstation and small internet-working devices

    • Modified sine wave output

    • Battery capacity: 100Ah

    • Electricity, battery automatic conversion

    • Various types of input voltage range

    • High-frequency digital technology, MCU control and more stable capability

    • High-efficiency rate of DC, AC conversion and minimize energy loss

    • Tower design, can both stand-up and lay-down and can be placed flexibly

    • Equipped with super-charger, the maximum electricity can reach 8A and can charge for batteries with electricity over 100Ah

    • Intelligent charge control, can ensure the effective charging, but cannot avoid excessive charging

    • Ultra-load protection

    • Restoration of electricity and automatically activated

    • Offline-charging functions (when the utility comes to normal, even if it is not turned on, the machine can still charge the battery)

    • Multifunction LED indicator light, LCD display and alarm device

  2. Applications:

    • PG series is designed for basic appliances or equipment such as lights, fans, and TVs, it provides fairly reliable performance

  3. Remark:

    • Custom-made specifications are accepted

  4. Specifications:

    • Model/Power:

      • PG500-300W/12V DC

      • PG1000A-600W/24V DC

      • PG1000B-600W/12V DC

      • PG2000-12000W/24V DC

    • Input:

      • Normal voltage: 110/120/V AC or 220/230V/240V AC

      • Voltage range:

        • Narrow range: 90-145V AC or 170-280V AC

        • Wide range: 50-145V AC/90-280V AC

    • Output:

      • Voltage (battery mode): 120V AC or 230V AC

      • Frequency: 50Hz±0.1Hz

      • Waveform type: modified sine wave

      • Power factor (AC to AC): >95%

      • Power factor (DC to AC): >80%

    • Battery:

      • Type: sealed lead-acid, maintenance-free

      • Normal voltage:

        • PG500-300W/12V DC

        • PG1000A-600W/24V DC

        • PG1000B-600W/12V DC

        • PG2000-12000W/24V DC

      • Charging current: 8-20Amp

      • Transfer time: 8ms (narrow)

    • LED indicators:

      • Utility mode: green light

      • Battery mode: yellow light

      • Overload/fault: red light

    • Audible alarm:

      • Low voltage (battery mode): beeping sound every 2 seconds

      • Overload: beeping sound twice every second

      • Fault: continuous beeping sound

    • Conduction/RFI:GB7260.2/EN50091-2Class A

    • Environmental:

      • Operating temperature: 0-40°C

      • Relative humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)

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